Algeria is a vast country of breathtaking scenery, well-preserved Roman ruins, pre-historic cave paintings and a strong Berber culture. Your journey will take you from the sweeping shoreline to the majestic mountains, through the huge wilderness of the Sahara desert into the palm-fringed oases.

Travel to Algeria on one of our fabulous small group Algeria tours, or create your own custom Algeria tour with the help of our expert Algeria travel specialists.

Algeria Tours


Algeria:North African Mystique

Discover ancient Roman ruins, Berber culture and beautiful landscapes.  Travel to Algeria on an Original World Algeria Tour.
Group Departures: May & October
Duration: 10 days
May follows Iran Tour October Precedes Tunisia Tour
Priced From: $4995 (USD)




















Our Clients Say

"Thank you so much for making the Tunisia trip a special travel experience.  We enjoyed every aspect of it and especially appreciated how well planned it was."
- Arlene & David E.
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