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Small Group Tour of Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia

Undiscovered Albania with Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia


  • Explore Albania’s historic towns
  • Enjoy the gorgeous coastline
  • Discover traditional village life
  • Visit the museum cities of Gjirokastra and Berat
  • Marvel at the ancient city of Apollonia
  • Admire the archeological sites of Butrint
  • Macedonia's Beautiful Lake Ohrid town 
  • Kosovo's marvelous UNESCO monasteries in Pec (Peja)
  • Serbian countryside and traditional villages
  • Belgrade, the majestic capital of Serbia

Experience old world Europe on this fascinating exploration of Albania's historical tourist attractions whose heritage was influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Italians and Turks. Your vacation in Albania starts with the capital city Tirana and, with our knowledgable guide, will travel through Albania including visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the best of the museums as well as offering close observation of traditional village life in small picturesque villages.

Our cultural group tour ventures into some of the most scenic cities and small towns of Macedonia and Kosovo, including Ohrid, Skopje, Prizren and Pec (also called Peja by Albanians).

From the Kosovo city Pec, we travel into Serbia for a fuller experience of this beautiful region of Southern Europe.The tour of Serbia includes Novi Pazar-capital of the southern area called Sandzak, a predominately Muslim community; the rural mountain villages of Mount Zlatibor and culminating in Belgrade the Serbian capital for 6 centuries. This amazing journey through the Balkans with Original World, your small group travel experts, was hand-crafted for a truly authentic travel experience.

Small group tour of Albania and the Balkans: the Sardenica Monastery
Berati Citadel Entrance


We offer flexible options.

Join the full tour 18 days, or end in Kosovo and return to Tirana (14 days) for departure.

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Day 1-2: Tirana, Albania
Starting your Albanian vacation with an afternoon arrival, our small group tour begins with a delightful dinner at a restaurant that specializes in serving traditional local food.
Tour the capital of Tirana, including Et'hem Bey Mosque (beautiful and unusual exterior frescoes), the Clock Tower, the National Historic Museum and Blloku ("The Block").

Day 3: Tirana-Durres - Berat

The exploration of exceptional Albanian tour sites continues in Durres where we visit the Amphitheatre (built by the Romans in 2nd century AD and one of the largest in the Balkan Peninsula) and an excellent Archeological Museum. Our tour then continues to Berat where we enjoy the old town (Mangalem district) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 4:Apollonia - Vlora -Saranda
Our tour group visits the ruins of the ancient city of Apollonia, founded in 558 BC before continuing our Albanian travel adventure to Vlora where we visit the independence museum and explore the town with our knowledgable guide.

Day 5:Saranda-Butrint -Saranda
This morning we will explore the ancient ruins in the center of the city including what is considered to be one of the earliest Jewish Synagogues in Albania dated approximately to the 4th century AD.

This afternoon we visit the World Heritage site of Butrint, Albania’s most important archaeological site with ruins that show both Hellenic and Roman origins.

Our tour group then returns to Saranda for an independnet afternoon. You can bask in the mediterranean sun on the beautiful Ksamil beach or explore the town at leisure. Special dinner at Lekursi Castle.

Day 6: Saranda - Gjirokastra
Depart this morning to Gjirokastra, a museum city  and UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well preserved Ottoman architecture.

Day 7: Gjirokastra - Korca
In Korca visit the National Museum of Medieval Arts and the Mosque of Mirahori, one of the oldest in the country, built in 1469.


Day 8: Korca - Voskopoja – Pogradec-Ohrid
We explore fascinating Voskopoja which was once one of the most important towns in the European part of the Ottoman empire. We'll pass through the quaint village of Tushemisht, close to Macedonian border.

Our guided tour group will then travel into Macedonia to the beautiful city of Ohrid on the shores of Lake Ohrid.

Day 9: Ohrid
Our small group of The Balkans will explore the town of Ohrid, Macedonia,  on foot.  Situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid at 695m above sea level, the town is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe.  

Day 10: Ohrid-St. Jovan Bigorski-Skopje
A scenic drive through the mountains and villages, following along the border with Albania, will take us to the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski (famous for its beautiful wood carved iconostasis) before reaching Skopje with its 6th century fortress and 15th century stone bridge. 

Day 11: Skopje-Tirana
If you are leaving the tour today, transfer to Tirana by private car. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 12: Depart

Or Continue to Kosovo

Day 12: Skopje - Prizen - Pec (Peja)
Leaving Skopje early, our group travels into Kosovo for a walking tour of the town of Prizren where our knowledgeable guide will highlight its beautiful archaeological heritage including the old Turkish Bath, Stone Bridge, Fortress and other remarkable architectural features. The Kosovo tour also includes the magnificent UNESCO monasteries: Visoki Decani and the Patriarchate of Pec (Peja) which includes four fresco-decorated churches, a library and a treasury. 

Day 13: Pec-Tirana
If you are leaving the tour today, transfer to Tirana by private car. Overnight in Tirana.

Day 14: Depart

Or Continue to Serbia

Day 13: Novi Pazar
We cross the border into the southern Serbian town of Novi Pazar, a predominately Muslim community. Enjoy a walking tour of Old Town--very Turkish; and visit another UNESCO site, the medieval Monastery Studencia.

Day 14: Sirogojno-Zlatibor
A beautiful drive through the countryside to the open-air museum village of Sirogojno.

Day 15: Belgrade
A nostalgic journey on the route taken by the old narrow gauge steam engine Starganska Osmica, we travel a 15 km section by diesel train, crossing breath-taking scenery while traversing 10 bridges, 20 tunnels and many viaducts. The train makes a few stops for refreshments and photo opportunities.

Day 16-17: Belgrade
Two full days touring including a walking tour of the main square, the fortress of Kalemegdan, the bohemian/artist quarters of Skradarlija, Tito's Complex and New Belgrade.

Day 18: Depart Belgrade


Trip Details

14-day trip begins in Tirana and ends in Tirana
2018 DATES
September 14-27
2019 DATES
June 4- 17
September 13-26

18-day trip begins in Tirana and ends in Belgrade
2018 DATES
September 14-October 1
2019 DATES
June 4-21
September 13-30
From: $3025/14 day
$4350 / 18 day

From: $3265/14 day
$4520 / 18 day

3/4-star and boutique hotels
6-12 guests
All breakfasts, 3 lunches, 7 dinners on 12 day tour.
3 lunches, 11 dinners on 16 day tour

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