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Africa travel is an immensely diverse and exotic experience.

Travel to Africa is generally categorized into North Africa Tours (Morocco Tours, Egypt Tours, Sudan Tours, Tunisia Tours), West Africa Tours (Senegal, Gambia Tour, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone), East Africa Tours (tours to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania), South and South-Central Africa tours (tours to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia), North Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria.

Travel to Africa, with the exception of travel to South Africa and Morocco, is a heady adventure filled with unexpected occurrences, modest accommodations, some  bumpy dirt roads--AND extraordinary nature beauty, abundant wildlife, exotic tribal cultures living ancient traditional lifestyles. Travel to Africa is like being inside the national Geographic magazine pages yourself. Book your Original World Africa Tour Today.

Travel Africa

travel africa

Ethiopia Tour:

Africa Tour: Ethiopia is the home of some of the most exotic ancient civilizations in the world, and the land where some of our earliest human ancestors have been discovered.
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Sudan Tour:

Africa Tour: Sudan - One of the least visited countries of Africa, Sudan is a land of ancient historical sites and nomadic/tribal cultures, vast desert and the grand Nile River. NEW: join an extension to Eritrea following Sudan.
Africa Tours

West African Kingdoms Tour:

Africa Tour: This is the Ultimate West Africa tour traveling to Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Senegal. Discover the history and cultural traditions of each exotic country on this comprehensive and immersive tour of the West African Kingdoms.Travel to the West African Kingdoms on an Original World West Africa Tour.
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Madagascar Tour:

Africa Tour: Madagascar - Experience three different threatened ecosystems: eastern rainforest vegetation, spiny desert and the dry deciduous forest. The tour also visits the semi-arid savannah and the canyons of the south and idyllic wild beaches of Mozambique Channel. Engage with diverse ethnic groups and see abundant wildlife.
Africa Tours

North Africa: Morocco Tour:

North Africa Tour: Morocco– part Arabian and part African – is a striking confluence of cultures, a feast for the senses, and is exotic to its core.
Africa Tours

North Africa: Tunisia Tour:

North Africa Tour: Discover the cultural diversity of this exotic traditional country. Travel to Tunisia on an Original World Tunisia Tour.
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North Africa: Algeria Tour:

Algeria is a vast country of breathtaking scenery, well-preserved Roman ruins, pre-historic cave paintings and a strong Berber culture. Your journey will take you from the sweeping shoreline to the majestic mountains, through the huge wilderness of the Sahara desert into the palm-fringed oases.
travel africa

South Africa Tour:

Our South Africa Tour offers an unparalleled combination of cosmopolitan cities, spectacular game viewing, rich cultures, and striking scenery. We offer Private Tours Only.


travel africa

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