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Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova Tour

Optional Pre-tour to St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad.

Travel to the former Soviet Republics visiting Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Belarus is an ancient Slavic country located in the geographic heart of Europe. Ukraine is the second largest after Russia and one of the least-known. Moldova is a very small multi-ethnic country that has suffered from violent ethnic conflict. This lead to the creation of the self-proclaimed Transnistria Republic. This tour of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova including a visit to Tiraspol Transnistria is fascinating!

Join the pre-tour for a week in the Russian Federation, learning about Russian Imperial History including the splendor of St. Petersburg, and fascinating Kaliningrad (unfortunately we cannot visit the beautiful Crimea at this time).


Enjoy tours of Russia, Belarus tours, Ukraine tours and Moldova tours in one trip.

Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova Tours

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This extraordinary journey takes you to an unspoiled and fascinating part of the world. We enjoy diversity, astounding architecture and pristine landscapes.
Group Departures: May & September
Duration: 19 days
Priced From: $4590 (USD)

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The New Europe: Belarus

A journey through fascinating history and guided by professionals who have lived under Soviet rule and moved into the present modern world of freedom. The outstanding architecture and public sculptures quite takes one by surprise-it's everywhere you turn in Minsk. The quaint towns of Vitebsk considered the cultural capital and Polotsk, the spiritual center give a deeper experience of this country still emerging. It is still a rare sighting to see Americans in Belarus. The local people are quite welcoming and delighted you have interest in their culture. Five star hotel in Minsk, 3-4* elsewhere.
Follows our Baltics tour
Group Departures: May & September
Duration: 9 days
Priced From: $2685 (USD)
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Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova Tours


Our Clients Say

"Thanks for a wonderful experience. The guides were all great! What a beautiful part of the world!"
- Kathy H.
"Everything went perfectly. The guides were top-notch! The sites were superb!"
- Pam S.
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