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Beatles fans, start planning your pilgrimage to India now

By Patrick Scott PAUL SALTZMAN sat cross-legged in an ashram bungalow in northern India. It was 1968, and across the room his new friend, the 24-year-old Beatles guitarist George Harrison, set down his sitar and the two

TRAVEL NEWS: Renaissnace at the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, the site that began Gandhi’s Salt Strike

Throughout his life, Gandhi founded ashrams — communities of fellow believers and collective laboratories for what he called his experiments with truth. Among his most famous is the Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, the place from where he

TRAVEL NEWS: Bengal Tigers Rebound at the Sariska Reserve in Rajasthan, India

The number of India’s endangered tigers has increased significantly in the last two years thanks to conservation efforts. The relocation of the threatened animals to new habitats is proving to be beneficial, including to the largest preserve

Varanasi: Ancient Rituals, Modern Art and Future Science: Part 2

By Emmet Brady DAY 2 On my second day, I took advantage of a renowned day-trip to Sarnath, 15 km east of Varanasi.  Sarnath is home to a bodhi tree temple where the Buddha offered his first