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Czech Republic Tour

Medieval Towns of Western Bohemia

  • Visit the medieval spa towns of Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, and Marianske Lazne
  • Enjoy Svihov, the remarkable medieval castle surrounded by water on all sides
  • Wander along the cobbled streets of Tabor, home of the 15th century Hussite uprising
  • Explore the renaissance towns of Southern Bohemia including stunning Slavonice

On our intimate tour of Czech's Bohemian countryside, we enjoy Old World charm of several picturesque spa towns, most notably Karlovy Vary. We’ll stop in historic Cheb, explore the small medieval towns of Horsovsky Tyn, Domazlice and Klatovy on foot and tour the remarkable medieval castle Svihov. We'll spend a delightful day wandering the magical town of Cesky Krumlov. Then on to the cobblestone streets of Tabor, a visit to Jindrichuv Hradec, and Trebon, another Renaissance town with remarkable architecture. A highlight of our Czech Republic tour is Slavonice, rediscovered after the Velvet Revolution by Czech artists. The tour includes visits to four UNESCO Heritage sites. Trebic has one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe. 

Enjoy Prague for as many days as you like. Private tours can be arranged. This tour does not include accommodation in Prague to allow greatest flexibility.

Czech Republic Tour
Red Castle of Cervena Lhota, Southern Bohemia


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Day 1-2: Meet in Prague - Karlovy Vary
Pick up at hotel in Prague for a drive through the picturesque West Bohemian countryside to the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), situated in a lush forested valley known for its twelve thermal springs. 

Day 3-4: Cheb - Lazne Kynzvart - Marianske Lazne
Walk the narrow streets of the gothic core of Cheb, one of the oldest towns in central Europe, and visit the castle, one of the finest Romanesque monuments. Enjoy the old Bohemian spa towns of Frantiskovy Lazne, Lazne Kynzvart and Marianske Lazne. Guided tour of the Baroque mansion of Chancellor Metternich.

Day 5-6: Medieval Towns - Cesky Krumlov
A scenic drive southeast along the foothills of the Sumava Mountains, including short stops in the small medieval towns of Horsovsky Tyn, Domazlice and Klatovy. Tour the remarkable medieval castle Svihov, surrounded by water on all sides. Overnight in Prachatice, a pleasant, small medieval town. Full day to meander about the glorious Cesky Krumlov.

Day 7-8: Tabor - Trebon - Slavonice
Walk the cobblestone streets of medieval Tabor, the spiritual center of the Hussite uprising in the 15th century. Enjoy Cervena Lhota, a beautiful small castle unknown to tourists. Visit Jindrichuv Hradec, the place where the Renaissance fairytale of Southern Bohemia and Moravia begins.

Day 9: Slavonice - Telc
Relish Slavonice, a true jewel of Renaissance architecture. After the Velvet Revolution in 1990, Slavonice was rediscovered by Czech artists for its unique ambiance. Browse the many galleries and pottery shops and enjoy a tour of the medieval catacombs. Slavonice is definitely a big highlight of this tour! Wander about and admire the architecture and natural beauty of the UNESCO heritage site of Telc.

Day 10: Valtice - Lednice - Prague
Admire extraordinary architecture in the Romantic style of the 19th century in Valtice-Lednice region, and an exquisite Baroque church on top of Green Mountain. We arrive in Prague around 6pm.

Czech Republic Tours

Medieval Towns of Western Bohemia

Trip Details

10-day trip begins and ends in Prague
May thru September
based on number of people
Period mansions and restored castles
2-8 guests
All breakfasts


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