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Tribes in India Tour

Textiles, Crafts and Festivals of Tribal Gujarat

  • Visit tribal settlements to see traditional weaving and block printing techniques
  • View exquisite tribal embroidery
  • Meet the Salvi family, master weavers of colorful Potala silk and the ancient art of doublt ikat
  • Explore Bhuj, an old walled city featuring intricately carved palaces and brightly colored Hindu temples
  • Enjoy Traditional Festivals in remote villages-Fall tour only

Gujarat tribal villages are rich with detailed textiles still produced by traditional methods. The interaction of peoples – invaders, indigenous tribes, traders and explorers – has led to the creation of designs legendary for their vitality, color and intricacy. We will meet and interact with textile families and observe their traditional techniques and way of life.  We will also experience a diversity of tribal groups, wildlife safaris in Little Raan of Kutch and Gir National Park (known for sightings of the Asiatic Lion). This is truly a slice-of-life experience. Anyone interested in indigenous culture, textiles and crafts and immersion into traditional village life will appreciate this authentic experience in Gujarat.

Banni woman embroidering in her village near Bhuj

Gujarat Tour ITINERARY IN BRIEF. For detailed itinerary click the button

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Day 1: Meet in Bombay
Arrival in Bombay transfer to hotel near airport.

Day 2-3:Jambughoda
En-route to Jambughoda, we visit the World Heritage Site of Champaner.

Full day exploration of the tribal villages surrounding Jambughoda.

Day 4-5:Palitana
drive to Palitana via Lothal, to visit the excavations of a Harappan site dating back to 2400 -1600 BC.

Visit the Palitana temples.

Day 6-8: Ahmedabad
Visit Sabarmati Ashram, founded in 1918 by Mahatma Gandhi, who revitalized the textile industry here. It became the headquarters during the struggle for Indian Independence.

Attend Shamlaji and Vautha Tribal Fairs-Fall Tour Only.

Visit the excellent Calico Museum of Textiles and the Adalaj Step Well, built in 1499 by Queen Rudaba. See Mr.Manubhai's rare and magnificent collection of embroideries from all over Gujarat.

Day 9-10 Poshina
Explore picturesque remote villages; observe crafts-people at work; enjoy colorful markets.

Days 11-12 Patan - Zainabad (Rann of Kutch)
Visit the superb Sun Temple in Modhera. Visit the Salvi family, master weavers of the colorful Potala silk. We continue to Bajana Village in Little Raan of Kutch.  Excursion to the 'Rann of Kutch' to visit the pastoral settlements and villages of the Kutchhi Tribes.

Day 13-14: Bhuj

En-route to Bhuj, visit Dhamaeka, the block printing village and Bhujodi village to meet the nomadic Rabari who weave camel wool on pit looms into blankets and shawls. Also see Chandaben Shroff's Shrujan organization which exhibits 16 different styles of embroidery, produced by a variety of communities and tribal groups.

Visit the old walled city of Bhuj and surrounding tribal villages.

Day 15: Bombay - Depart
Fly to Bombay and depart for home.

Trip Details

15-day trip begins in Bombay and ends in Bombay
2018 DATES
November 17-December 1
Includes Shamlaji & Vautha Fairs
2019 DATES
February 7-21
November-December TBA
Includes Shamlaji & Vautha Fairs
LAND COST 2018-Feb 2019
From: $4110
5-star and heritage hotels
4-12 guests
All breakfasts, 12 lunches, 12 dinners

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Ellora and Ajanta Caves
3 days, post tour
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