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China Tour: Sample Itinerary, Private Custom Tour of China

Festivals of Southwestern China

  • Enjoy the Sisters' Rice Festival, a celebration of spring and love or Lusheng Festival, a celebration for the harvest
  • Visit local markets for authentic interaction with the local people
  • Explore Dali and Lijiang, wonderful ancient cities of China’s ethnic minorities
  • Journey to Lugu Lake, where the Mosuo people maintain their ancient matriarchal traditions

During the third lunar month, in Guizhou Province, girls flock to the mountains to collect wild flowers and berries to dye the glutinous rice known as Sisters' Rice.  A kaleidoscope of colors, local customs and traditions, bullfights, dragon dances and fireworks complete the festive atmosphere. Bamboo flutes and wooden drums echo sounds throughout the valley as the young couples sing and dance.  After leaving the festival in Guizhou, we explore the Yunnan province including Kunming, the ancient cities of Dali and Lijiang, and many remote minority villages.

Lijiang, Yunnan & Guizhou
Girls dancing at Sisters Rice Festival in Guizhou


Please Note: Fall itinerary will be reversed to enjoy festival during best weather conditions.

Call to Discuss and Request Private Tour Details.

Day 1-2: Meet in Guiyang (Spring)
Arrive in Beijing and connect same day. Visit Guiyang Flower & Bird Market, Hongfu Temple, the center of Buddhism in Guizhou Province, and the ancient Ming Dynasty building.

Day 3-5: Kali
Travel to Southeast Autonomous Prefecture of Miao and Dong people. Attend Sisiters Rice Fesival in Sidong village or Lusheng Festival in Gulong Village. Explore Kali Sunday market.

Day 6-8: Huangguoshu - Xinyi
Visit Tianlong, an old Han Chinese village best known for its Ground Opera or Dixi. Enjoy the spectacular Huangguoshu waterfall, Maling Gorge and Heaven-star Gallery. Visit the Valley of Huajiang and Zuoqi village, the black sect of Miao.

Day 9-10: Stone Forest - Kunming - Dali
Marvel at the Stone Forest, one of China's most famous scenic spots. A pleasant visit of the lovely historical and cultural city of Dali. Visit Zhou Bai Minority Village, a photogenic town.

Day 11-12: Lijiang
Enjoy scenics of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain; Explore Lijiang, the former capital of the famed Naxi Kingdom. Excursions to minority villages, known for excellent craftsmanship.

Day 13-14: Lijiang - Lugu Lake
 Enjoy the landscape with village stops enroute to Lugu Lake, a center for Tibetans, Yi and Mosuo minorities.  Interact with the Mosuo people, branch of the Naxi.

Day 15-16: Zhongdian
See the First Bend of the Yangtze River and Iron Chain Bridge in the Shigu (Stone Drum) Town, and then Tiger Leaping Gorge. Explore Zhongdian and the surrounding Tibetan cultural areas.

Day 16: Kunming - Beijing - Home
Morning flight to Kumming connects with flight to Beijing arriving at 3 pm. Hotel in Beijing not included as necessity depends on schedule of your flight home.

Trip Details

17- 20 day trip begins in Guiyang and ends in Kunming
Spring & Fall
On Request
14 nights 4-star hotel
1 night 5-star
1 night best available guesthouse
Private Tour, based on request
All breakfasts, other meals based on request

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