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Tribes in India Tour - India is now reverting to the original names of many cities and states.  Though the British named this state Orissa, it is now renamed as Odisha.

Villages, Culture and Crafts of Tribal Odisha

  • Explore the tropical state of Odisha as you venture to tribal villages and ancient temples
  • Enjoy the delights of authentic village life including bustling local markets
  • Visit the stunning seaside ruins of the Sun Temple
  • For the adventurous traveler who thrives "off-the-beaten-path" and is comfortable with rustic accommodations

The State of Odisha (Orissa) is a blend of art, architecture and ancient tribal cultures. Orissa has the third highest concentration of indigenous tribes in India and because of the remoteness of their villages, the tribes are untouched by modern times. Though economically challenged with a low rate of literacy, Orissa’s tribal groups have highly developed artistic skills as seen in their body paintings, ornaments, weaving and wall paintings. Music and dance also are an integral part of their ceremonies and seasonal festivals. 

Bonda woman, Jeypore, Orissa

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Day 1-2: Meet in Calcutta
Enjoy early morning browsing at the lively flower market on the banks of the Hoogly River. Visit Dakshineshwar Temple, Kumartuli (potters village), Victoria Memorial and one of Mother Theresa's many homes for the underprivileged. Attend evening puja ceremony at Kalighat temple.

Day 3: Jeypore
Today we begin our journey into the villages of the state of Orissa (now called Odisha).

The tour is scheduled to arrive at each village during their weekly market days.Fly to to Vivag (Visakhapatnam) and drive to Jeypore, a base for visiting nearby villages.

Day 4:Onukudelli
Today we visit the home of the estimated 6,000 members of the fierce Bondas (naked people) of Tibetan-Burmese origin.

Day 5: - Jagdalpur
This morning we visit the Kunduli market and the Kotapada textile village on our way to Jagdalpur, where our host is Maharaja Kumar Harihar Bhanj Deo of the former ruling family of Bastar.

Day 6-7: Tribal Villages
Visit Kondagaon village, a Dokra metal work village, SAATHI, an NGO dedicated to the crafts and terracotta work, a few Maria tribal villages and Kumhar villages (earthen pot makers). We also visit the rich forests of the Kanker Valley National Park.


Day 8-10: Rayagada
We travel to Rayagada, a base for visiting nearby villages.

We visit Royal Jagdalpur, the Palace grounds, the Anthropological Museum, and a variety of local wildlife and tribal groups in South Bastar.

Day 11-12: Gopalpur-Chilka Lake
A scenic drive through the country side and small villages. Enjoy a boat ride on Chilka Lake view the abundant avian life and Kalijai Temple, abode of the deity of the lake.

Day 13: Bhubaneswar
Visit the stunning temples of Bhubeneswar, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Orissa.

Day 14-15: Puri-Konark-
Ee visit the colorful village of Pipli known for its applique embroidery and Konark, where we see the Sun Temple (UNESCO site) On Nov tour attend the Konark Dance Festival.

In Puri we visit the extraordinary Jaganath Temple and an excursion to nearby Ramchandi village, one of the largest fishing tribal villages.

Day 16: Bhubaneswar- Calcutta - Home
Drive to Bhubaneswar for a flight to Calcutta (or Delhi, or Mumbai) and connect to your international flight home.


Trip Details

16-day trip begins and ends in Calcutta (or Delhi or Mumbai)
2018 DATES
November 19-December 4
with Konark Dance Festival
2019 DATES
January 15-30
with Adi Vasi Tribal Festival

November 19-December 4
with Konark Dance Festival
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4-12 guests
Daily breakfast, 14 lunches, 15 dinners

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