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South India

Travel India with Original World to exotic South India and with the help of our experienced guides explore the unique architecture and history of serene historic temples while enjoying the peaceful ambiance of its abundant natural beauty.

South India package tour highlights include the beauty of the Kerala backwaters and the many picturesque hill stations and tea plantations.  Our guided tours also encompass ancient temples including the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tanjore built between 985 and 1012 AD (listed as a UNESCO monument) and the famous temple city of Kanchipuram, one of the seven holy cities of India. Though some temples are now remarkable ruins, many remain living places of worship where you will see local residents, as well as pilgrims who come from afar, perform their acts of devotion. As part of our immersive cultural tours you will join the local people to experience authentic pujas (offerings) and other traditional rituals that form part of the rich tapestry of India's culture.

The enchanting Kerala backwaters are reached by “kettuvolloms” (traditional rice boats) which travel along a series of narrow canals allowing you a glimpse of local life that would be impossible to see from road transport.  During the tranquil boat journeys you will pass rice paddies, tiny villages, other boats transporting children to school and produce to market and local women going about their daily chores. 

Travel India with Original World / Spirit of India on one of our fabulous guided small group tours, or create your own custom India vacation or holiday with the help of our expert South India travel specialists.

South India Travel and Tours

South India

Essential South India:

Explore the architecture and history of South India’s centuries-old temples and palaces and while experiencing the peaceful ambiance of its abundant natural beauty.
Group Departures: February & November
Duration: 16 or 23 days.
Priced From: $4325 (USD)
 South India

Ultimate India (North & South):

Experience the significant historic sites, cultural traditions and stunning environments of North and South India on one of the most comprehensive tours of India.
Group Departures: February & November
Duration: 22 days
Priced From: $5730 (USD)






Splendors of the Deep South:

Enjoy abundant wildlife, magnificent beauty and  a deep immersion into South India's culture and traditions. Tour Highlight is attending the Arattupuzha Festival.
Group Departures: March
Duration: 17 days
Priced From: $4760 (USD)





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Our Clients Say

"We wanted an overview of South India and we certainly got that. The temples were marvelous. We saw so many wonderful things. Lakuma was a charming guide. She talked a lot about family life in India, which was interesting. She knew all the symbology of the deities and was familiar with the architecture and history. Often she would urge us to do something that she felt was special."
- Shirley B.
"The itinerary was perfect, I loved the trip. Our guide was extraordinary, extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs. I would hire this guide again."
- Eleanor T.
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