Barbara Sansone, Owner

Barbara is a former educator, magazine photographer and a publicist for art and culture. In 1997 she combined these experiences when she founded the travel company Spirit of India. From an intense specialization in India, which holds a very special place in her heart, Barbara expanded her focus to other countries with fascinating cultures and ancient civilizations. The addition of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Southeastern Europe to her portfolio of trips has helped grow this unique cultural tour company into Original World.

Barbara’s goal has always been to offer very authentic and personal travel experiences that would foster learning and understanding between people of different cultures. She began traveling in 1977, the summer after her first year of teaching, and she hasn’t stopped since. Talk to her in person and you’ll truly understand her depth of knowledge and passion for the destinations of Original World.

Rachel Hoaglin, Customer Service

Rachel, marketing and customer service specialist, earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from San Francisco State University and has been working in the Customer Relations sector since 1992. She enjoys working with people, allowing them to enjoy life's promises.

Cory Walker, Digital Marketing

Corey C. Walker, freelance social media and email specialist, has been in the marketing field for over 20 years. Corey has been with Original World since 2011, bringing you our monthly email newsletters.

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