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The Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs
Four or Five Star hotel options in Khartoum,
Nubian Houses & Permanent comfortable tented camps

Desert Secrets of Sudan

  • Explore an undiscovered region, with temple ruins, pyramids, camel caravans, and desert tribal cultures
  • Visit Sudan’s pyramids and ancient city of Meroe
  • Connect with local people in desert markets and small, isolated villages
  • Enjoy fantastic diverse landscapes such as groves of dates, palms and guava, the Northern U-bend of the Nile and a vast desert of moving sands

Travel to Sudan on an adventurous journey visiting ancient historical sites, nomadic tribal cultures, the vast Sahara Desert, and the timeless Nile River. We will visit significant archaeological sites such as the temple of Amun, Kerma civilization, Nuri Prymids, royal city of Meroe and the important Meroetic site Nagaa.

Once we leave Khartoum, accommodations are a mix of comfortable tented camps and a beautiful new boutique hotel designed like a traditional Nubian house. The resident chefs at both accommodations offer amazing dishes based on traditional cuisine with a western flair.

There are electrical outlets to charge your devices in both types of accommodation. In each setting we are near local villages providing an opportunity to observe and interact with local people in an authentic setting. 

Travel to Sudan
Meroe Pyramids


Print Sudan Tour Detailed Itinerary (PDF)

The itinerary sequence can change for various dates. Shown here departing Khartoum to Meroe; some dates may start by going to Karima and Soleb first and Meroe at the end.

Day 1: Arrival in Khartoum
Transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Khartoum-Meroe
Tour Khartoum. Visit the Archaeological Museum and Omdurman, ancient capital of Sudan where we see Mahdi's tomb and explore the souk.

We then travel north along good roads to the desert and Meroe. The pyramids of the necropolis of Meroe become visible among yellow sand dunes. There are more than 40 pyramids along the Nile in Sudan. Arrive at the permanent tented camp of Meroe, your base for the next three nights.

Day 3-4: Meroe-Royal City
Tour the pyramids of Meroe; visit Naga, east of the Nile and
the ancient settlement of Musawwarat.

Day 5: Karima
Follow the road along the Nile to the city of Atbara, located on the confluence between the Nile and the Atbara rivers. Cross the Nile by ferryboat. While waiting for the boat and during the crossing you will have ample opportunity to observe and interact with the local people.

Head to the Bayuda Desert. The landscape is characterized by sharp black basalt mountains, most of them volcanic and cone-shaped, alternating with pebble stretches and large valleys with dry wadis.

You may encounter isolated groups and camel and donkey caravans. These are the Bisharin nomads who live in small huts close to the rare water wells in areas where surviving seems almost impossible.

Day 6: Jebel Barkal & El Kurru
Jebel Barkal stands as a landmark in the Nubian Desert. At the foot of this isolated red sandstone mountain are the ruins of a temple dedicated to the pharaohs of the New Reign and to their patron Amon. Explore the Royal necropolis of the ancient city of Napata, the Nubian capital from 800 to 400 B.C., before the Meroitic period. Scattered in three different locations are a large number of pyramids. Visit two tombs excavated from the rock under the pyramids in the village of El Kurru. 

Day 7: Karima-Old Dongola-Karima
We follow the Nile until we reach the archaeological site of Old Dongola.Here a Christian Coptic Temple and several churches are on the banks of the Nile. We then visit some Nubian vilages where local hospitality is enthusiastic. Overnight Karima.

Day 8:  Karima-Kerma-Tombos-Wawa
Drive north west through the Nubian Desert to Kerma village and visit the majestic Defuffa and Tombos village. We visit one of the rischest sites of rock engravings located in Sebu.

Day 9:  Wawa-Soleb-Island of Sai
Cross the Nile to the Temple of Sesibi and then visit  Temple of Soleb-the most beautiful Egyptian Temple. On the Island of Sai we see ancient remains from Kerma, Christian and Egyptian culture.

Day 10: Nubian Villages
Drive through the Nubian Desert to Karima, visiting Nubian villages enroute. Overnight in Nubian guesthouse in Karima.

Day 12 Return to Khartoum
Today we drive south along the tarmac road acoss the western desert. We reach Khartoum and tour Omdurman souk. At sunset attend the whirling dervishes ceremony. Transfer to hotel for wash/change, available until 9 pm.

Day 12:  Depart
Intl flight departs at midnight or very early am.


Trip Details

12 day trip begins and ends in Khartoum
Nov 1-12, Nov 15-26, Dec 6-17, Dec 28-Jan 8
From $4485-4950

Jan 4-15, Jan 18-29, Feb 7-18, Mar 8-19
From $TBA

Prices differ by season and your choice of hotel in Khartoum
We offer options for you to select 4 or 5-star hotel in Khartoum

Nubian houses
Exclusive Italian permanent tented camp in Karima & Meroe
simple Nubian guesthouse Soleb and Kerma
All meals outside Khartoum

Extend Your Trip

Historic Ethiopia & the Wild Omo Valley Precedes Sudan

Post Tour Extension to Eritrea. Details on Request..


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