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December 18 is World Arabic Language Day.  December 18, 1973, the United Nations General Assembly included Arabic among its official and working languages, retaining the language as key to the world at large. His Highness Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is leading the effort to retain Arabic as a prominent language.  His efforts are being focused on many programs in the nation to teach and highlight the language beyond it’s basic educational use.  It is being said that no Ruler is more effective than His Highness in terms of his numerous literary, administrative and incentive initiatives, including the enactment of laws and unlimited support to strengthen the beautiful language, Arabic.

UAE has found that, while it’s history and culture are strong in Arabic, its citizens are not using the language beyond basic use.  People are needing to communicate and with the influx of expatriates in to the nation, Arabic is not the mutual language, English is dominate.  Because Arabic is not used as often, the language is not as strong as it used to be in the nation. Some expatriates are learning basic Arabic yet are disappointed that the national language is not what is used in every-day life.

Arabic has a strong significance in the make up of today’s communication.  It is one of the six (6) official languages of the United Nations.  The English language has adopted many of its words from Arabic roots, such as racquet, coffee, cotton, and sofa. Many written histories of science, mathematics and medical books were written in Arabic and translated into other languages. And of great importance is that it has an oral and poetic tradition.

The UAE has also taken many steps to preserve the Arabic language and restore its status as the official language.  With the nation’s extensive historical and cultural significance in the world, it is important that Arabic does not become a lost language of the Arabian Peninsula.


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