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Art and Influence of Sopoćani Monastery, Serbia

The Art and Influence of Sopoćani Monastery, Serbia was implemented through the years following the Monastery’s completion in 1265. The frescoes in the Monastery are among the finest in Byzantine and Serbian Medieval Art. These paintings represent

Mystique of the Black Church Romania

The Mystique of the Black Church of Braşov has enchanted traveler for centuries. Braşov is one of the charming cities in Romania and averages over 900,000 visitors a year. It is a mountain resort city within Transylvania,

Polotsk: Spiritual Center of Belarus

Considered the spiritual center of Belarus, Polotsk has an encompassing past of history and many vicious battles for power. As one of the most beautiful towns in the country, the city, believed to date back to 862, is now

Bulgarian Rose Festival

The Bulgarian Rose Festival is a celebration of the Rose of Castile (officially Rosa Damascena). Its motif is not only the production of rose oil, but also honors the virtue of mercy and donation gathering for poor