Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova Travel Archive

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Polotsk: Spiritual Center of Belarus

Considered the spiritual center of Belarus, Polotsk has an encompassing past of history and many vicious battles for power. As one of the most beautiful towns in the country, the city, believed to date back to 862, is now

Journal: Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova September 2017

Our group members Carol and Art on our September 2017 Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova tour talk about how much they enjoyed their trip. “We saw many amazing buildings inside & out & came to understand much better the history &

TRAVEL NEWS: Two Museums in Belarus celebrate Mark Chagall

The city of Vitebsk lies in the heart of the country of Belarus. Formerly a river harbor in the Russian Empire, Vitebsk has another claim to fame: it is the birthplace of world renown Russian-French modernist painter

TRAVEL NEWS: Celebrate The Seven Wonders of Ukraine, Catherine the Great and 22 Years of Independence

Slide Show: The Seven Wonders of Ukraine Seven Wonders of Ukraine from Ivan Dudnik **** Ukraine Celebrates 22 Years of Independence Ukraine just celebrated 22 anniversary of its independence. Throughout the period of more than one thousand