Journal: Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova September 2017


Our group members Carol and Art on our September 2017 Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova tour talk about how much they enjoyed their trip.

“We saw many amazing buildings inside & out & came to understand much better the history & people of that region.”

“Our guide, Natalia, in Odessa, often challenged us to think about things we saw, often framing this challenge as a sort of contest… She made every outing fun & stimulating.“

Hotel Europe in Minsk: “Best of all, it was elegant, had impeccable service & one of the most interesting & tasty breakfast buffets we’ve ever had.”

“In L’viv our guide Evan wove philosophical ideas throughout & encouraged some exciting dialogue.”



“The experiences we had in Moldova were also some of the best of the trip because they were quite different: meeting an old monk who had revived a 14 C cave monastery, traveling through the immense underground wine cellar ending in a fantastic feast & wine tasting, & exploring a small but charming fortress that made me feel like an excited little kid as I almost ran from floor to floor & room to room to check out its views.”



Editor’s note: Original World offers cultural immersion experiences across Europe, including Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova.  Our next tour leaves May 26, 1018.

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