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TRAVEL NEWS: Despite Geopolitics, Soccer in Iran Means Diplomacy

The national soccer team of Iran took the field today against Nigeria at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. (They drew 0-0). In the unlikely event that the United States and Iran face each other in the

TRAVEL NEWS: Women Rock Iran’s Emerging Underground Music Scene

To hear some of the newest and most exciting music in Iran, you have to go underground – literally. In the basements of Tehran and other Iranian cities, young musicians practice and perform, flouting confusing and restrictive

TRAVEL NEWS: In Jordan, The Middle East’s Tallest Christmas Tree Celebrates Religious Tolerance

Jordan might not be the first place you’d expect to find the Christmas spirit, but the holiday spirit is alive and well among Christians and Muslims alike. Jordan does have an indigenous Christian population. According to the official statistics

TRAVEL NEWS: A Win for Diplomacy in Iran

– Article courtesy of Joshua Rosenfield for the Asia Society Blog On November 24, the United States and its P5+1 partners (Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia) announced they had reached an initial nuclear agreement with Iran.