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Timeless Charms of Bulgaria

Nestling at the heart of Central Europe and occupying the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a land of unspoiled natural beauty, where time has been known to stand still. Experience Bulgarian traditions and culture in scenic countryside; visit the unique painted monasteries with amazing frescoes; observe folk traditions; enjoy the exquisite taste of the region’s cuisine and its’ fine wines. Enjoy traditional celebrations, folk songs, and handicrafts.

Group Departure: April - October Duration: 8 days Priced From: From: $2150 (USD)
Myths & Magic of Romania

Travel to Romania and tour Romania highlights including Maramures, Bucovina, Sighisoara, the Merry Cemetery and Transylvania. Enjoy rural peasant traditions, beautiful wooden churches and painted monasteries, medieval architecture, and "Dracula's Castle."

Group Departure: April - October Duration: 12 days Priced From: From $2850 (USD)
Charms of Bulgaria + Myths & Magic of Romania Combined

The Bulgaria and Romania tours run back to back in a seamless fashion going overland from Veliko Turnovo, last day of Bulgaria tour, to Bucharest with sightseeing en-route. Price includes transport between the two countries and reflects a discount over the per tour price.

Group Departure: April - October Duration: 18 days Priced From: From: $4065 (USD)
Fascinating Frontier of Moldova

Relish bucolic pastoral lands, superb wine varietals, remote monasteries cut into limestone cliffs and a rural ethnic backdrop inhabited by welcoming villagers in the Republic of Moldova located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south.

Group Departure: April-May, October Duration: 5 days Priced From: From $TBA (USD)


Travel to Bulgaria on one of our fabulous small group Bulgaria tours, or create your own custom journey with the help of our expert Bulgaria travel specialists.

Experience Bulgarian traditions and culture in the unique rhythm and harmony of the Bulgarian folk songs; in the merry “joie de vivre” atmosphere of the rites and celebrations; in the beauty of the handicrafts, finely woven in the ceramic vignettes and wood carvings, colorful rugs and hammered copper-ware; in the exquisite taste of Bulgarian cuisine; and in the fine aroma of local wines.  Nestled in the heart of Southeastern Europe on the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, this is a land of unspoiled natural beauty.  The topography is extremely varied: large plains and lowlands, high mountains, pristine glacial lakes, and valleys dotted with old-world villages.  Our small group tour of Bulgaria explores traditional Bulgarian culture with its unique and living folklore, icon-painting heritage and lively festivals.  And our visits to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the majestic, 10th century Rila Monastery, are a highlight of the Bulgarian travel experience.


Travel to Romania on one of our fabulous small group Romania tours, or create your own custom journey with the help of our expert Romania travel specialists.

Romania conjures images of medieval villages and castles, unspoiled countryside and friendly people living their traditional ways.  The countryside is rich in peasant traditions and a vivid folklore, and our Romania tours offer the opportunity to live in a small village and mingle with the locals.  A highlight of Romania travel is unique painted monasteries and churches, covered with frescoes on the inside and outside walls.  Medieval Transylvania, with its Saxon heritage, Gothic-style architecture, palaces and castles, is set amidst striking Carpathian mountain scenery.  We offer a tour extension to undiscovered Moldova, the last European frontier, which has just recently opened to foreigners.  The country features the beautiful capital city Chisinau and the vast Milestii Mici Winery, and is dotted with traditional villages.

NEW! Travel to Moldova–the new frontier–for an insiders experience of Old World charm.

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what our clients say

  • John T.

    I really enjoyed my trip with your Original World to Bulgaria and Romania. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I have taken alot of trips in the world over many years.

  • Beryle R.

    Christian was an excellent guide and fun to be with. His commentary on the start of the '89 revolution as we stood in Revolution Square was very moving. He was there.

  • Dan & Jeanne O.

    Chris, our driver/guide was excellent at both. Easy to understand, well-informed, always helpful and cheerful. He really did enrich the tour!

    One of the reasons we chose your tour was because we thought it was very reasonably priced and did not offer the very anonymous 5-star type hotels. We were very pleased. Your tour offered excellent value and insights into a little known country.

  • Gloria W.

    It was a good itinerary. We learned a lot of value. The Maramura area was especially fascinating. I was pleased with our guide on all levels.