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European Islands of the Mediterranean Sea

Travel to the top rated European Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. The tours are offered as modules so you can join one or several consecutive modules as per your time and interest. The tours visit the important historic and archaeological sites, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage.

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The North Caucasus Tour

Travel to North Caucasus. Almost no one has been to the Republics to the north of the Great Caucasus Ridge. In the past, these regions were considered dangerous or difficult to go to. It is now safe and we make it easy to travel in the North Caucasus. Here you will experience the authentic culture and be guests of the local people. And you’ll be alone with the beauty of the mountains and its’ silence, not among hundreds of tourists.

The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Step into Europe of days gone by. The old cobblestone historic towns and quaint villages couple with astounding beauty and remarkable sites. An immersive tour with full days, yet leisurely pace. Each Baltic States country has its own distinctive cultural tradition and historical heritage. Discover the beauty and charm of the Baltic States! Optional Pre Tour to Helsinki.

Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova

This journey takes you to an unspoiled and fascinating part of the world. We enjoy diversity, astounding architecture and pristine landscapes. Option for pre-tour to St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

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Bulgaria & Romania

Experience Bulgarian and Romanian traditions and culture in the unique rhythm and harmony of the traditional villages and pristine countryside. Book Bulgaria and Romania consecutively and save $200.

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The Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia

The vast cultural and ethnic diversity of the Balkans region, combined with its history and natural beauty, offer travelers an immersion into old world Europe which is no longer found in the West. Our Balkans tours are offered in modules for greatest flexibility of your time and interests.

The Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia TOURS >
The Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan

Travel to The Caucasus and tour Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijain.
The Caucasus is a mountainous area at the border of Europe and Asia, nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It's fascinating history, unspoiled beauty and diverse cultural sites await passionate travelers.

Most people can navigate western Europe independently using public transit or car rental. We do not offer tours to Europe of this nature. We offer tours to Europe which are still infused with traditional culture, signage and menus are not normally in English, there is not adequate public transportation and the quaint village lifestyles are still very much intact!

Our tours to Europe are to the Eastern region. Our tours to the Balkans include travel to Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. We offer a tour to Romania with the option to combine with the Bulgaria tour. A tour to newly opened Moldova is combined with Romania as well as with Belarus and Ukraine. We go in-depth to countries that other companies may only skim such as Poland, the Baltics and Belarus. We have exciting tours to Eastern Turkey to The Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and a three country tour to intriguing Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

Our tours to Eastern Europe will continue to expand as countries restructure and politics allow. Travel to the Old World will always fascinate and never disappoint!


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  • John T.

    I really enjoyed my trip with your Original World to Bulgaria and Romania. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I have taken alot of trips in the world over many years.

  • Claire G.

    I wanted to tell you that you did a perfect selection of hotels and guide. You could not of had any one better and so knowledgeable.