Tours to India's Tribal Regions

Textiles, Crafts & Festivals of Tribal Gujarat

Gujarat's rich tribal culture is expressed through detailed textiles and crafts. Interact with families and observe their traditional way of life on this most fascinating of tour.

Group Departure: January-February & November-December Duration: 15-days Priced From: $4025-$4325 (USD)
Ancient Tribes of the Hidden Northeast: Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam

Explore secluded ancient tribal villages in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, the most remote regions of India. Enjoy the beauty of Assam including Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Majuli Island and Guwahati. This travel experience is ideal for the adventurous traveler.

Group Departure: February & December Duration: 20-days Priced From: $5980-$6153
Villages, Culture, Crafts of Tribal Odisha (Orissa)

Tour Odisha (formerly called Orissa), a blend of art, architecture and ancient tribal cultures. Experience ancient tribal cultures. The tribes visited on the tour are yet untouched by modern times. January tour includes tribal festival. November-December tour includes Konark Dance Festival.

Group Departure: January & December Duration: 16-days Priced From: $4650 (USD)
Rural Rajasthan and Tribal Gujarat Tour

After you have seen the Taj and visited the “Golden Triangle;” after the forts and palaces of the glorious Maharaja period; maybe even after you have visited beautiful South India - return to India to see the traditional rural lifestyles of the people. This tour ventures away from the chaos and congestion that India’s cities are known for as we step into the vast heartland of the fascinating states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Each tour coincides with tribal festivals.

Group Departure: February & November Duration: 21 days Feb & 22 days Nov Priced From: $5750 (USD)

Now that you have visited the palaces and forts of India’s Rajasthan and the temples and waterways of South India, it is time to travel to India’s tribal regions. Embark on tours to Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam in the Northeast, Odisha (formerly called Orissa) in the Southeast and Gujarat in the far West. Immerse yourself in tribal village life in India and encounter India’s captivating range of cultures.

Arunachal Pradesh and Mon Village in Nagaland have been closed to foreigners for much of the past 50 years. As a result, their lush landscape and native cultures have remained virtually untouched. Our Odisha Tour includes Chhattisgarh, the new frontier, where many of the oldest tribes of India reside. In Gujarat we marvel at the extensive textiles heritage of the local tribes as well as enjoy Gujarat’s abundant wildlife.

These ancient cultures are virtually untouched by westernization; each of the tribes of India has certain distinct characteristics in language, dress and cultural mores. They present an astounding array of tattoos, hairstyles, embroidery, and costume. Visiting the tribal regions is a step back in time and a true “off the beaten path” experience for the adventurous traveler. Accommodations have improved quite a bit in the past year!

Experience village life in India on one of our fabulous small group tribal India tours, or create your own custom journey with the help of our expert India travel specialists from Spirit of India / Original World.


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Tribal Regions

what our clients say

  • Victoria R.

    This was the first tour I've ever taken and I was delighted with just about everything! Every day was a new adventure with amazing sites and people. Our guide in Orissa was marvelous. The drivers were also top notch - we felt they became part of the family.

    We really enjoyed Orissa and visiting tribal villages off the beaten track. The service in India was impeccable, very lovely people, very willing to help. I would travel with Original World again in a heartbeat!

  • Sally C.

    The drivers were excellent and Sanjay is super! I appreciated the smoothness with which he revised our program when the road to Tawang closed. I loved the remoteness of the area wth no other foreign visitors.

  • Louisa E.

    The trip was wonderful and amazing. Gujarat was fantastic and our guide Gautam was a treasure. He was so intuitive and accomodating and just fun. I can't sing his praises enough. Also, his English is excellent. Your crew in Delhi was amazing as well. Familiar faces and always there. ..there wasn't a misstep. All to say it was another wonderful trip. You have great people working for you.