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North India Tours

Experience North India’s vibrant ancient cultures and its diverse art and architecture. North India is home to colorful Rajasthan, as well as desert towns, tribal villages, the sacred Ganges River and holy city of Varanasi, the Chandella Temples of Khajuraho, and the exquisite white marble Taj Mahal.

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South India Tours

Explore the architecture and history of South India, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of its abundant natural beauty. Some highlights of our South India tours are the Kerala backwaters, hill stations and tea plantations, lovely old temples, and Kanchipuram, one of India's seven sacred cities.

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India Tribal Regions

Immerse yourself in tribal village life in India and encounter a captivating range of cultures, with an astounding array of tattoos, hairstyles, embroidery, and costumes. Most of the colorful tribes of India live in mystical Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Orissa in the Northeast, and Gujarat in the West.

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Indian Himalaya

Indian Himalayan travel takes you to a land of extraordinary beauty, peace and harmony, Tibetan Buddhist lifestyles, and ancient monasteries in traditional villages. The air is fresh, the vistas stunning and the people warm and welcoming.

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Spirit of India

Join one of our small group India tours or embark on private custom India vacation.

Geographically, culturally and spiritually, India is one of the most multi-faceted and fascinating countries in the world. With majestic mountains and lush wild jungles, vast golden desert, white sand beaches and emerald oceans, sacred rivers and lakes, tea and spice plantations, bustling big cities, small towns, and remote villages, maharajas and royal families living side by side with diverse tribal cultures and abundant wildlife — our India tours offer a terrain, focus and style for every individual preference.

Vibrant, mesmerizing and completely absorbing, India exudes a pulsating energy, a kaleidoscope of colors and textures and a symphony of sounds uniquely its own. Travel to India will pique all of your senses. India’s immensely diverse art and architecture, history, politics, spiritual practices and cultural traditions are organically woven together into an intricate tapestry.

Spectacular temple and palace architecture, famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal and simple Himalayan monasteries perched precariously on mountain cliffs populate the landscape. Chola bronzes and white marble masterpieces; intricate hand-woven textiles; Persian, Mughul, Rajput and Deccani paintings; ancient religious scriptures; the origin of yoga and ayurvedic practices; a myriad of festivals and a wide variety of music, dance and spiritual traditions reflect India’s rich inheritance.

The India travel experience is a thrilling boundless celebration of life that straddles between the present moment and antiquity. Our India tours offer immersion into Indian culture while providing full support services for comfort and safety. The staff at Spirit of India / Original World are the foremost experts in America for India travel.
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what our clients say

  • Elly G.

    India is fascinating and fabulous and we saw a great deal on this trip. There is no place like it. I am impressed and amazed everytime I look at our photos at the variety and the richness of our experience.

  • Barbara R.

    You were very responsive and accommodating and did what we asked. Having transportation and hotels booked really allowed us to focus on being there and it was incredible!
    We had great service in India as well. There was always a friendly face to greet us.

  • Ved M

    Back home after a truly wonderful experience in India. India was all that I dreamed and more..... much more. Sanjay our escort is an exceptional human being and we were very fortunate to have him on this journey with us. Well organized, good hotels, great service from all we met. My Thanks to you for putting a tour I will never forget. Best Wishes

  • Eugene & Beverly S.

    Our tour was well planned and paced. All of our guides were excellent as were our drivers. Our last driver was incredible in every way - helpful, careful, a delight.

  • Patty E

    I loved India. The people were wonderful, and the countryside and cities interesting and incredbily colorful. The food was amazing.

  • Judith C

    We were thrilled with the trip and impressed with your ability to craft a perfect itinerary. The staff in general was excellent and very professional. We particularly liked our driver Manoj who watched over us like a mother hen and drove most skillfully. In sum, we are in awe of India and of your organization; I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so.