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Mongolia Tour with Naadam Festival

Celebrate the Naadam Festival with the locals, and interact with proud Mongolian nomads as you explore the vast Mongolian countryside.

Group Departure: July 10-25 Duration: 14 days Priced From: $4225 (USD)
Golden Eagle Festival of Western Mongolia

Immerse yourself in the culture of Mongolia and the special community of Kazahk eagle hunters.

Group Departure: September Duration: 13 days Priced From: $4710 (USD)

Land of the Great Khans and home to, perhaps arguably, the sturdiest steppe horses and best horsemen in the world, sparsely populated Mongolia retains its unspoiled, rugged, high plateau beauty. The people of this vast prairie land are herdsmen and many are still nomadic, raising horses, sheep, goats, cattle and camels as they have done for centuries. Join our Mongolia tours to experience the vibrant festivals of the Mongolian and Kazakh people which retain traditional aspects of the hunt: equestrian skills, archery and demonstrations of using eagles to capture small prey during the Golden Eagle Festival and the Nadaam Festival. As many as 1,000 horses compete across the open grasslands, often mounted by youth. Mongola’s high elevations with extensive wilderness, desert, lakes and mountains offer fascinating experiences as Mongolia travel is still rare and unique.

Travel to Mongolia on your own custom journey with the help of our expert Mongolia travel specialists.

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  • Glen & Ardella C.

    We chose your trip because we would have the opportunity to see Mongolia, from the Naadam Festival to the Gobi Desert. We could not be happier about the trip. The guides and drivers were all excellent. We were treated not like tourists but family. Our driver and van were top-notch. Our guide was exceptional, with a wealth of knowledge about the country and people. Aside from the beautiful scenery, we were impressed by the fact that the itinerary was followed and the guides and drivers were always on time. Thank you for this beautiful and memorable trip.