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Kumbh Mela 2025

Attend Kumbh Mela and experience the amazing, mesmerizing, massive Hindi spiritual gathering in Haridwar. This tour is for anyone who really wants to immerse deeply into the traditional ancient rituals and connect with the mystique of India.

Group Departure: January-February Duration: 13 days Priced From: $4275 (USD)
North India Highlights

This cultural highlights tour offers a diverse exploration of North India including Taj Mahal, the ancient holy city Varanasi, Khajuraho and Rajasthan (Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the small village Narlai).

Group Departure: February and November Duration: 15 days Priced From: $4430 (USD)
Royal Rajasthan

Travel through exotic, colorful Rajasthan, visit North India’s majestic palaces and ancient forts, and stay in authentic palace hotels. An excellent introduction to the culture and diversity of North India.

Group Departure: February Duration: 15-18 Days Priced From: $3985-$4780 (USD)
Rural Rajasthan and Tribal Gujarat Tour

After you have seen the Taj and visited the “Golden Triangle;” after the forts and palaces of the glorious Maharaja period; maybe even after you have visited beautiful South India - return to India to see the traditional rural lifestyles of the people. This tour ventures away from the chaos and congestion that India’s cities are known for as we step into the vast heartland of the fascinating states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Each tour coincides with tribal festivals.

Group Departure: February & November Duration: 21 days Feb & 22 days Nov Priced From: $5750 (USD)
Rajasthan & The Pushkar Camel Fair Tour

The Pushkar Camel Fair, with all its color and excitement, is a magnificent immersion into tribal Rajasthan. Enjoy the fair along with an in-depth tour of Rajasthan's magical cities and enchanting villages. Includes a safari in the Godwad Leopard Camp.

Group Departure: November Duration: 18-day Priced From: $5020 (USD)
Comprehensive tour of North India

Journey through a diverse cross-section of North India, both geographically and spiritually, from the Himalayas to Rajasthan and the sacred Ganges River. This tour offers an in-depth experience and understanding of the diversity of India. Coincides with Dusshera Festival celebrating triumph of good over evil.

Group Departure: November-December Duration: 21-day Priced From: $5440 (USD)
North India & South India Tour - Ultimate India

Experience the significant historic sites, cultural traditions and stunning environments of North and South India on one of the most comprehensive tours of India.

Group Departure: February & November Duration: 23-days Priced From: $6600 (USD)

North India Tours

Travel to India and experience its vibrant ancient cultures and vast and diverse art and architecture dating back to 200 BC. Our North India tours include some of the best-known monuments and temples in India, showcasing the culture that is the original source of various styles of painting, sculpture and textile found throughout the country.

While traveling India with Original World/Spirit of India on our North India tour you will explore colorful Rajasthan, once the land of the maharajas, as well as exotic desert towns and tribal villages. Highlights of these North India tours include the sacred Ganges River and holy city of Varanasi, the Chandella Temples of Khajuraho and the exquisite and romantic white marble Taj Mahal. On our North India tours, opulent palaces, massive forts, the mysterious Thar desert, bustling bazaars and rural villages await you.

North India is a region of festivals, fairs and celebrations where trade, devotion, crafts and culture come together in a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Our North India tours include the famous Pushkar Camel Fair, where nomadic herders gather to trade and devotees make their annual pilgrimage. Other less known fairs include Baneshwar tribal fair, Naguar Cattle fair, Kartik Purnima Festival, Vautha Fair. Equally stunning festivals like the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland and Jaisalmer Desert Festival One very significant festival for the Hindu population is the Kumbh Mela which rotates to different sacred spots in North India once every three years

Travel India with Original World / Spirit of India on one of our fabulous small group guided tours or create your own custom journey for your best India vacation or holiday experience with the help of our expert India travel specialists.

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  • Amy P. & Joe Y

    Our trip was very educational. Our guides were all very knowledgeable, patient, and answered our questions. Our driver was excellent and handled driving in traffic with ease and patience. He was always prompt and ready to assist with bags, kind and respectful.

    Our highlights were the rickshaw ride through Old Delhi, and exploring the Taj and Qutub Minar.

  • Doris B.

    The drivers were all excellent, especially Manoj. The hotels were also excellent, beyond our expectations. Our service was quick, efficient and helpful. Everything went without a hitch

  • Jane & Yukio F

    A big thank you for the greatest life-changing experience you made possible for me and my husband. We see India filtered into every aspect of our everyday lives. I loved all of the sites included in the trip. I loved the hotels which were selected and the guides also.