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Desert Secrets of Sudan: Kingdom of The Black Pharaohs

Tour Sudan on an adventurous journey of ancient historical sites and nomadic tribal cultures, the vast Sahara Desert, and the grand Nile River. Italian operated deluxe permanent camps and charming Nubian Guesthouses.

Group Departure: Jan-April & Oct-Dec Duration: 12 days Priced From: $5075 (USD)
Sudan: The Nubian Desert and The Red Sea

Tour Sudan's remote Nubian region. Discover archaeological sites still untouched by tourism including the unknown petroglyphs Bur Nurayet. Visit colorful Nubian villages, the pyramids of Meroe amd the Atun Crater. Traverse across the Bayuda Desert. Cruise the warm waters of the Red Sea for 7 days aboard the M/Y Elegante, a 25 ft schooner. Enjoy breath-taking landscapes and the welcoming local people.

Group Departure: March Duration: 16 days Priced From: 2023: $5455 (USD) 2024: $TBA
Sudan: Nubia - Nile Valley & Western Desert

Tour Sudan's remote Nubian region. Discover archaeological sites still untouched by tourism. Visit colorful Nubian villages. Enjoy breath-taking landscapes and the welcoming local people. Accommodation in Italian operated "wild camps."

Group Departure: Feb-Mar, Nov-Dec, Dec-Jan Duration: 16 days Priced From: $5288 (USD)
Nubia - A Journey Along the Nile: Sudan & Egypt

This unique tour combines travel thru Sudan and Egypt. The Sudan tour travels along the Nile visiting archaeological sites, colorful Nubian villages, the Nubian and Bayuda Desert with nomadic settlements and the astonishing UNESCO site of the Royal Necropolis of Meroe.

The Egypt tour visits the rock-cut temples of Abu Simbel (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and we cruise on Lake Nasser visiting stunning ancient temples, the Nubian fjords and more!

Group Departure: February & December Duration: 15 days Priced From: $TBA (USD)

Sudan is of the largest and yet least visited countries of Africa. Sudan is a land of ancient historical sites and nomadic/tribal cultures, vast desert and the grand Nile River. 

On our Sudan Tours, you will visit amazing UNESCO sites, observe life in the Nubian villages and encounter friendly Sudanese people eager to meet you. 

During our Sudan travel experience we will visit the impressive ruins of Meroitic and Christian Kingdoms of the North. Additionally the tour visits Pharoanic and Ottoman castles, tombs, pyramids and temples. 

Be one of the few visitors to connect with this richly rewarding culture in its authentic nature.

Travel to Sudan on one of our fabulous small group Sudan tours.


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what our clients say

  • Isabelle and Roger, Brussels

    What can I say? Only one thing: thank you for your organization in giving us a beautiful trip. Your partner and staff in Sudan were all very nice, competent and helpful. We discovered many archaeological sites and had many contacts with local people. Our wishes became a reality.

  • Laurie, NY

    It was a wonderful trip! I have traveled all over the world, and this trip was one of the most relaxing and pleasant trip that I have ever been on. Waleed was very gracious, Moez was a great guide, and Yasser was a fantastic cook! I look forward to booking another trip with you to some far off destination.