The Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan

Travel to The Caucasus and tour Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijain.
The Caucasus is a mountainous area at the border of Europe and Asia, nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It's fascinating history, unspoiled beauty and diverse cultural sites await passionate travelers.

Group Departure: April & September Duration: 19-days Priced From: $5800

The Caucasus tour travels to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The Caucasus tour offers a variety of historic sites, pristine landscapes and cultural understanding, just waiting to be discovered.

This extraordinary guided tour of the Caucasus takes us to an extremely complex and interesting part of the world. Persians, Khazars, Arabs, Huns, Turko-Mongols, and Russians have invaded and migrated into the Caucasus and provided the region with its rich ethnic and linguistic complexity as well as astounding historical architecture.

Enjoy the magnificent medieval Armenian architecture of the Geghard Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the breath-taking natural beauty of deep gorges, sparkling rivers and Lake Sevan, the largest Alpine Lake in the world; Connect with the hospitable local people and enjoy fantastic food and wine-tasting.

Travel the historic route along the Caspian Sea as an epic conclusion to your exploration of the mighty Caucasus.

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