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Immerse yourself in an Original World Group Tour

Local culture with local experts creating unique life experiences


At Original World we are committed to developing unique, authentic cultural tours that offer immersion into the local culture while still providing comfort, convenience and safety.

Our travel experiences provide opportunities to gain deep insights into the culture of a country or region (experiencing local customs, art, architecture, religion, food and music with our knowledgeable local guides).

We strive to bring you the best a region has to offer: the best culture, best landscapes, best sites to visit, best local cuisine. Wherever possible you will stay in comfortable, high quality, locally-owned accomodations that reflect the local culture.

We have chosen to maintain our depth of experience in specific regions that we know and love best, allowing us to help you journey far off the beaten path to places few Westerners have ventured. Even within a classical routing we incorporate unique, personalized experiences that make our tours stand out. You will have a wide variety of travel options in our regions of expertise with hand-crafted, well-planned and executed itineraries.

Original World uses highly trained, English-speaking local escorts and guides who are experts in the local region and special interests of the itinerary. During your tour our personable local guides will share their unique insights into their native culture all while ensure your safety at all times and doing everything possible to ensure your comfort.

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