South Pakistan Tour

History, Culture World Heritage Sites

With Indus Valley, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad

Embark on a South Pakistan tour with Original World.

Spring tour starts with arrival in Karachi. Fall tour starts with arrival in Islamabad. The seqeunce for the Fall tour is a reverse of the Spring tour.

Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and excellent museums in Islamabad and Peshawar. Appreciate the glorious Mughal architecture.

Attend the devotional dance of dervish at the Shia Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

Along the journey we visit several other ancient sites and interesting obscure towns.

Indus Valley

Visit Mohenjo Daro, or “Mound of the Dead” (UNESCO World Heritage Site), an ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

In addition, tour the ancient site at Kot Diji, the forerunner of the Indus Civilization.

Furthermore, we include a visit to Harappa.

This important archaeological site was once the center of the core region of Indus Valley civilization. The Harappan architecture and civilization was one of the most developed in the Bronze Age.


Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. It is also the historic cultural centre of the wider Punjab region. Enjoy a visit of the highlights of Lahore.


On the way to Peshawar, visit UNESCO world heritage archeological sites outside of Taxila.

Explore Peshawar, located in a beautiful valley in the Hindukush Mountain Range. Visit the Peshawar Museum— housed in a Victorian Mughal-Gothic hall. It has the largest collection of Gandharan art in the world.


Onward to Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan.

Visit the Pakistan Peoples Monument and Museum.

Additionally, tour the remarkable Lok Virsa Folk Heritage Museum on the Shakarparian Hills. (aka Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology).  The museum consists of several buildings as well as an outdoor museum. Covering an area of 60,000 sq. ft, it the largest museum in Pakistan.

Be wowed by the Faisal Mosque designed by famed Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay.

Without a typical dome, the mosque is shaped like a Bedouin tent, surrounded by four 260 feet tall minarets. The design features eight-sided shell shaped sloping roofs forming a triangular 40 meter high worship hall which can hold 10,000 worshippers.

The drives are relatively short, averaging 2-4.5 hours. Always stops for photos and visits along the way. The hotels are excellent.

Depending on the season you select, you can add North Pakistan after (Spring) or before (Fall) this tour. The sequence of the tour changes with each season so as to visit at optimal periods for weather.


  • Harappa, Indus Civilization
  • Mohenjo Daro, or “Mound of the Dead”
  • Peshawar
  • Lahore
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  • 1
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Day 1: Arrival in Karachi early am

    We have immediate check-in and breakfast included. Afternoon easy touring: visit Mohatta Palace, Quaid-e Azam House Museum and Tooba Masjid.

  • 2
    Day 2: Drive to Hyderabad

    We start with a visit to the Chaukhandi Tombs, an early Islamic cemetery. The tombs are notable for their elaborate sandstone carvings. Continue to Bhanbhore, a city dating to the 1st century BCE located in modern-day Sindh. It was once the most important crossroad of the ancient trade route to China and the Middle East. Continue to Hyderabad for overnight.

  • 3
    Sehwan Sharif
    Day 3: Drive to Sehwan Sharif

    First we visit Rani Kot Fort, a historical Talpur fort, also known as The Great Wall of Sindh and is believed to be the world's largest fort.

    This evening we attend the devotional dance of dervish at the Shia Shrine of Lal Shabaz Qalandar.

  • 4
    Day 4: Mohenjo-daro - Sukkur

    Visit Mohenjo Daro, or "Mound of the Dead" (UNESCO World Heritage Site), an ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

    Next is a visit to the ancient site at Kot Diji, the forerunner of the Indus Civilization.

  • 5
    Day 5: Multan

    Visit Sadhu Bela Mandir, a Hindu Temple complex on an Island near Sukkur City. Then visit Minaret of Masoom Shah in Old Sukkur.

  • 6
    Day 6: Drive to Harappa - Lahore

    Visit Harappa, an archaeological site, once the center of the core region of Indus Valley civilization.

    Continue to Lahore.

  • 7
    Day 7: Lahore

    Enjoy a full day visit including: Lahore Museum, Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, the Wazir Khan Hammam.

    We attend the Flag ceremony, called Beating Retreat and the Change of Guard at Wagh, the Pakistan-India border.

  • 8
    Day 8: Lahore-Islamabad

    Visit of the Khewra Salt Mines (2nd largest in the world).

    On arrival visit Faisal Mosque and dinner at Rawal Lake.

  • 9
    Day 9: Islamabad-Peshawar

    Visit archaeological sites in Taxila including the Dharmarajika Stupa, 2nd c. CE ; Sirkup and Jaulian Buddhist Monastery ruins, 2nd c. BC . Also visit Taxila Museum.

    Onward to Peshawar. Visit Peshawar Museum Mohabat Khan Mosque, located inside the Qissa Khowani bazaar.

  • 10
    Day 10: Drive to Islamabad

    We complete our touring of Islamabad.

    Visit the excellent Lok Virsa Folk Heritage Museum and Pakistan Monument - constructed to symbolize the unity of the Pakistani people. Enjoy the gardens of the Shakarpariyian Hills National Park.

    We culminate the day at the Daman-ekoh viewpoint: you can see the twin cities of Rawl Pindi/Islahabad.

  • 11
    Day 11: Depart Islamabad early am

    Transfer to the airport.

  • Trip Length

    11 Days

  • Dates

    April 17-27 & October 2-13, 2024
    April 16-26 & October 8-18, 2025

  • Land Cost

    2024: $4045 per person based on min 4 people. Single Room Supplement: $945
    2025: $4245 per person based on min 4 people. Single Room Supplement: $1140

  • Accommodations

    4 & 5*

  • Group Size


  • Included Meals

    Breakfast and Lunch, 2 Dinners in Islamabad

  • Duration

    11 Days









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