Travel to Tunisia, a kaleidoscope of Cultures and Landscapes! On our Tunisia tour we enjoy the Sahara Desert, Mediterranean Sea, Archaeological Sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Berber Culture, Arab and European Architecture…and French speaking people!

On the Tunisia tour we visit Sidi-Bou-Saïd, the best-preserved Moorish village in Tunisia. It is a MUST for travelers, photographers and writers.

Embark on a tour of Carthage, built on a promontory with sea inlets to the north and the south. The city’s location made it master of the Mediterranean’s maritime trade. All ships crossing the sea had to pass between Sicily and the coast of Tunisia. This is where Carthage was built, affording it great power and influence.

In addition, there is an excursion to Bizerte and Utica (Roman-Carthaginian towns). As well as Dougga (UNESCO), the most prestigious Roman site in Tunisia.

Continuing to Kairouan, (UNESCO World Heritage Site), once the Arab capital for all of North Africa. It is one of Islam’s most sacred cities.

Other tour highlights include the old byzantine city of Sufetula and Raqqada, the second royal city of the 9th century. We enjoy a leisurely visit of Ouled el-Hadef, Tozeur’s beautiful 14th century Medina.

Board 4WD vehicles and explore the golden triangle of mountain oasis, Tamerza, Mides and Chebika.

Later, cross the dry salt lake of Chott el Djerid to reach the quiet, oasis village Douz “gateway to the Sahara.”

Then we journey southeast towards the Dahar Mountains to visit the Berber hamlets of Chenini and Douiret. Here we can explore the Berber granaries and the valleys. Next, visit the village of Guellala, known for or its spectacular pottery.

In addition, visit 6th century BC El Ghriba Synagogue in the formerly Jewish village of Harah Sghira on Djerba Island.

Join our tour of Algeria or Malta following Tunisia.


  • Discover the cultural diversity of Arabs and Berbers, with a French twist
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Explore the bustling souks
  • Enjoy scenic drives across the stunning Atlas Mountains dotted with Berber villages
  • Relax in the charming desert towns

View A Detailed Itinerary:

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Berber Village, Sned Mausoleum

  • 1
    Day 1-2 : Meet in Tunis

    Visit the medina of Tunis, National Museum of the Bardo, Carthage Archaeological Museum and the Moorish village Sidi Bou Said.

  • 2
    Day 3 : Tunis -Bizerte & Utica - Tunis

    An excursion to Bizerte and Utica (Roman-Carthaginian towns).

  • 3
    Day 4: Dougga-Kairounan

    We visit the most prestigious Roman site in Tunisia, Dougga (UNESCO).

  • 4
    Day 5: Kairounan-El Jem-Kairounan

    Kairouan, once the Arab capital for all of North Africa and one of Islam's most sacred cities. Kairounan is an important religious pilgrimage site and, for history lovers, one of the highlights of Tunisia. This bustling city is jam-packed with some of the country's best examples of Islamic architecture, from grand mosques and tombs with ornate decoration to the Medina back alleys lined with candy-colored houses. Visit the great mosque Sidi Oqba, the oldest place of worship still in use; and the barber Mausoleum with superb Andalusian decor.

    This afternoon a return to Imperial Rome visiting El Jem's splendid amphitheater, archaeological museum and the Villa Africa, one of a kind representing the roman art.

  • 5
    Day 6-8: Sbeitla-Tozeur

    Enroute to Touzeur visit the old byzantine city of Sufetula. Then a marvelous journey through the desert to Tozeur. We'll have two full days to explore Tozeur town, its Palmerie and its surrounding desert villages.

  • 6
    Day 9: Douz-Matmata

    We depart to Douz, gateway to the impressive Sahara Desert. Then travel to Matmata where we see the famous troglodytes (underground villas used by the Berbers).

  • 7
    Day 10-11: Chenini - Douiret - Ksar Ouled Soltane - Tataouine -Djerba Island

    En-route to Dierba Island, we visit the Berber villages of Chenini and Douirt, then drive to Ksar Ouled Soltane to tour the 15th century granary (the slave quarters in George Lucas' Star wars films). Continue to the Causeway to visit Guella Village, known for its pottery. Next day is full day touring Djerba.

  • 8
    Day 12: Sfax-Mahdia

    En-route to Mahdia we visit the Dar Jallouli Museum in Sfax.

  • 9
    Day 13: Hammamet

    We visit the Medina of Mahdia with its old narrow streets, the Cairo square, the old Fatimid mosque and the cemetery, then drive towards Monastir, once a Phoenician settlement, to visit Ribat, the best preserved Arab fortress built in Tunisia in approximately 786 A.D.

    Next is a stop in Sousse to explore the Medina and its monuments.

  • 10
    Day 14: Hammamet-Tunis

    We'll visit Hammamet in the morning, a pleasant beach town in the southeast of the northern Peninsula of cap Bon. This afternoon return to Tunis. Enjoy a leisurely last afternoon. You may like to explore the souk for shopping or relax at the hotel. Take some time to savor the beauty!

  • 11
    Day 15: Tunis - Depart
  • Trip Length

    15-day trip begins and ends in Tunis

  • Dates

    April 9-23, 2024 Precedes Algeria
    April 19-May 3 Precedes Malta
    October 15-29, 2024 Precedes Algeria; Follows Cyprus

  • Land Cost

    $3625 per person based on a minimum 4 people; Single Room Supplement: $880

    2024 TBA
    Discount $200 if booked with our Malta or Algeria Tour.

  • Accommodations

    4-5 Star Heritage Hotels / Boutique Hotels

  • Group Size

    6-12 people

  • Included Meals

    All Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 2 Dinners

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