Working with Travel Agents

We are happy to work with travel agents and appreciate your business.

About Us

We are dedicated to creating personal travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing tours. Each group itinerary has a special focus and the group size is never more than 16; often 6-10. Our group tours are very personalized and flexible, so people who say they normally would not join a group, are happy with our small size and concept. We also offer custom private travel services for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Agent-Tour Operator-Client Partnership

Creating accurate, realistic expectations for the travel experience we offer is the most important job of our office and should be the most important task of the travel agent as well. Many of our trips are to destinations that even the most experienced traveler would find difficult to navigate without our support services. Clients must expect the unexpected and be mentally flexible and easy going with other group members. To that end, we need to be in direct touch with the clients or we need to be working with a travel agent whose knowledge of the destination and conditions is equal to ours.

In all cases, the agent should write any international air tickets and keep everyone: client, agent and our staff in the loop.


Because our group size is very small, our per-person cost is slightly higher than competing companies with a larger group size. Therefore, to be within an accessible price range to a greater percentage of potential clients, we add less margin to our retail prices than other tour operators.

Group Tours for New Clients Who Are Not In Our Database:

Working with agents who have direct experience with our destinations and experience with the rigors of the trip in those regions, we offer 7% commission on our land price on most group tour bookings. Some commissions may be less depending on the destination.

Working with agents who do not have direct experience with our destinations, we request that the travel agent allow us to deal directly with the client. We pay the travel agent a 3-5% finder’s fee of the land cost. This ensures that there is clear communication with the client and helps educate the agent about our trips for future sales at the 7% level.

We do not mark up single room supplements or in-country airfares, and therefore do not offer commission on these items.

Group Tours for Clients Already In Our Database:

If we already have a history of communicating directly with a client before being contacted by the travel agent, the maximum commission is 5%.

Custom travel for individuals and organizations:

We will create a custom tour for you based on your assessment of your client’s preferences and modify it until your client approves the itinerary. For organizations, we can offer the tour leader as complimentary. Net prices are quoted to which you add your commission.


A $600 deposit per person is required to confirm a booking. We accept cash payments only for third party sales. You are invoiced and responsible to collect payment from your client. For our groups tours, commission is paid on the retail price of the land tour.

Upon receipt of the deposit, Original World Tours will send reservation confirmation and an informational travel packet to the agent for distribution to client. This will include our local in-country contact number, visa information, hotel contact list, destination information, and notes on preparing for the journey. Full balance is due 75 days prior to departure.

Liability Coverage

Original World Tours maintains liability insurance coverage by AON Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance.