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Saudi Arabia

Travel to Saudi Arabia, forbidden to visit until December 2013. Most of the great empires of the ancient world traded with the Arabian Kingdoms that commanded the important spice trade routes in the peninsula. The country's main attraction and its hidden treasure is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Madain Saleh. Venture with us on this insightful journey. Extension to Lebanon and the Gulf States.

Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar

The Persian Gulf States tour, a tour of Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar (Doha) is a quick romp through the Persian Gulf States that covers all the highlights. Each day of the Gulf States tour is packed full with interesting sites and activities. It is offered as a post-tour to the Arabian Peninsula Tour.

Egypt, Jordan and Israel Tours

Experience the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Immerse in the cultures, visit the amazing archaeological sites and enjoy immense beauty.

Egypt, Jordan and Israel Tours TOURS >

Journey across exotic mysterious Iran, visiting ancient historic site, traditional villages and interaction with the locals. Tour Iran with Original World--fascinating Iranian travel experience!

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Discover the wealth of Lebanon treasures, a culture and land imbued with mystery and fascination. Precedes our Jordan tours and Saudi Arabia tours as well as follows our Saudi Arabia tours. Tour Lebanon with Original World--fascinating Lebanon travel experience!

United Arab Emirates & Oman

Travel through five of the United Arab Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khalmah and Abu Dhabi, over to the beautiful Musandam Peninsula to the capital Khasab. We'll continue into the Sultanate of Oman including visits to Salalah, Muscat, Sur, Nizwa, Jebel Akhdar and Wahiba Sands inhabited by the Bedouins. Pre-tour Option: Extension to Gulf States (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar).

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Travel to the Middle East is one of the most exotic destinations for the western traveler.

Eighteen countries are included under the Middle East umbrella but a few of these have dual identities. Turkey is also most popularly categorized as part of Europe. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaiian are also located in a grey zone with some travel guides listing these countries as part of Europe as well.

Travel to the Middle East conjures images of vast deserts, nomadic camel herders, massive mosques and fascinating souqs. Our tours to the Middle East include travel to Iran,  Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. The Middle East is becoming a most requested destination and we are expanding our Middle Eastern tours to additional countries in the Middle East each year.

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  • Ronald M.

    The itinerary was educational and had nice interaction with locals. I enjoyed having meals in homes and local restaurants. Our guide was not only informative but was fun as well. He added some nice personality to the tour and a significant layer of authenticity.

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    The guides were extremely informative and helpful.